Data Warehousing & BI

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

ABS's scalable Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions ensure the availability of right business-critical information to the right people at the right timein the right format, which in itself could be the difference between organizational success and failure.Our clients turn to us to solve their most challenging structured, semi-structured and unstructured data challenges.

Data Warehousing can help drive strategy and processes for building decision support systems and knowledge-based applications architecture along with environment that supports both everyday tactical decision making and long-term business strategy.

Business Intelligence empowers organizations with the tools they need to deliver historical, current, and predictive views of business operationsand user perspective successfully by leveraging the organizations data assets. We help companies perform trend identification, forecasting, competitive analysis, reporting and targeted market research.

Our Services

  • Mobile BI

  • Data Warehouse Readiness Assessment

  • Business Requirements Analysis and Data Modeling

  • Business Reporting, and Analytics

  • Business Performance Management & Benchmarking

  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

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