Innovation Outsourcing

Innovation Outsourcing

Innovation Outsourcing

Do you have a great Idea?

Do you have a Big Idea?

Do you have an inspired idea? - ONE that will make a difference.

But you are not sure the best way to make it happen. ...ABS CAN HELP!

Let ABS handle the rest with nothing but your best interests in mind. Our experienced consultants will take your idea from a broad concept to reality for the Web or Mobile, guiding you on proper design, implementation, features and business models.

Innovation is a continuous process and is a balance between engineering freedom and commercial feasibility.

We enable you to source and utilize external knowledge, ideas, intellectual assets and technologies, in addition to your internal capabilities, to identify solutions to problems, capitalize on opportunities, develop new technologies, create new products and services, improve processes, or design new organizational systems and business models. Our services and products include the assessment of innovation ideas, strategy development, idea generation as well as the continuous monitoring of the customer relevant company environment.

We help you realise competitive advantage by implementing external idea and knowledge sources. You will profit from more ideas and knowledge while shortening time duration, lower product development costs, less misguided development, thus reducing innovation risks and shorter innovation cycles, thus realising competitive advantages.

ABS provides you a real possibility to create an organized center of research outside of your own structure

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