IT Design Delivery and Support

IT Design Delivery and Support

IT Design Delivery and Support

IT Executives need to run a cost-efficient organization and build an infrastructure that will ultimately help the company create/retain its competitive edge. Today's consulting trend is driven by the tendency toward globalization and deregulation, where technology changes quickly and outsourcing is common. With so many vast changes taking place across the board in companies all over the world, the need for consultants-to help companies keep track of all the changes and stay up to date with all the technology-is constantly growing.

Establishing and retaining competitive and market advantage requires the organization to be able to respond effectively to competition and changing market conditions. ABS offers best-practices required to manage the overall IT Design, Delivery and Support relationships including maintenance, performance, costs and control of third-party services.

We have been instrumental in developing long-term offshore strategies for our large customers. We have extensive experience in setting-up and managing large ODCs for clients. Our involvement has been right from the conceptualization stage to effective implementation of a long-term IT design, Delivery and Support.

We advise management teams when making key decisions concerning their company's strategic direction, and work together with them to draw up the goals, strategies and specific measures to bring about sustainable improvements in the performance of their business. We leverage our extensive experience of strategic planning and management in every project we work on.

We help our customers find answers to the following questions:

  • How do we align our sourcing strategy with our business strategy?
  • Should we insource, outsource or co-source?
  • What should we outsource?
  • When should we outsource?
  • What must be accomplished for the outsourcing to be successful?

Organizations wishing to conduct successful sourcing require a strategy that is aligned with the organization's business strategy and objectives. This strategy includes measuring the organization's culture, values and history, which form a unique backdrop against which outsourcing must be evaluated.

ABS can help your team in developing the right IT Design, Delivery and Support strategy and then guide, communicate, and deliver that strategy on an ongoing basis.

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