IT Governance

IT Governance

ABS's IT Governance Practice helps you measure your business's growth and success, including its financial health.

In order to sustain competitive advantage, organizations nowadays must ensure that they must target enterprise-wide strategic priorities to get acceptable value from their IT investment. IT Governance is a mechanism that enables just that, as it both empowers and controls. It is embraced by all levels in the organization and reaches far beyond the four walls of IT. IT Governance aligns your business strategically to support the evolution of an enterprise architecture so that it delivers consistent and scalable business value. It is all about specifying and implementing decision rights and accountability across the organization to encourage desirable behavior in the use of IT.

Our team of experienced professional is well-versed in the management of change within IT organizations, and has proven time and time again, to be the difference in implementing IT governance in organizations.

In today's globalized world, information technology (IT) has become one of the key contributing factors for top performing organizations in achieving their business objectives. However, the lack of understanding of IT in many organizations has become an inhibitor to an organization's business performance, mainly due to the lack of knowledge in aligning business and IT strategy.

For organizations to become top performers, ABS believes IT has a role to add value to organize and optimize the strategic objectives of the organization. Having a good understanding of today's business challenges as well as understanding the opportunities of what IT can do for an organization is important. ABS has this knowledge and is exceptionally qualified to assist your organization in tackling your business and IT strategy issues, ranging from maximizing long-term value growth and improving business and IT flexibility right up to making lasting and substantial improvements in the control and performance of IT.

ABS has come up with a broad service portfolio of IT organization improvement tools that include IT benchmarking, architecture scans, technology assessments and IT process maturity analyses. These proprietary tools have enabled ABS to quickly assess situations and present possible solutions for deployment.

ABS's efforts vary from assisting in making strategic sourcing and offshoring decisions, optimizing IT governance to achieving synergies in post-merger integrations, to name a few.

Benefits of IT-Governance

  • Higher Profits: Independent studies have proven that profits are higher in organizations with effective IT Governance - Harvard Business School quantifies it to be in excess of 20 percent.
  • Control over Capital Investments: IT spending is a major capital investment - many enterprises spend around 50 percent of their annual investment on IT.
  • ROI and Value Achieved: Current organizations invest in IT, but very often fail to monitor the value created by their investments. Governance implements monitoring mechanisms to facilitate ROI measurement.
  • Effective Decision Making: The still rising number of people involved in IT-related decisions provides a good reason to have effective decision-making processes in place. For example, even business line managers influence IT spending today.
  • Balanced Conflict Resolution: Conflicting business goals of cost-effectiveness and flexibility require balancing across the organization, which IT-governance is happy to provide.

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