Business Process Consulting

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

KPO is sharing the core business processes to professional's located different locations like offshore, onshore, and near shore locations and performing it in a shared manner.

ABS can help you develop, expand and elevate your product and service offerings and provide business expertise over standard production processes, advanced analytical thinking, technical skills and decisive judgment.

In the new knowledge economy, organizations around the globe are facing great challenges like the shortening of process-time for introducing products and services into the market and shortage of professionals in various knowledge-intensive high-skill sectors. We enable you to support the core functions of your business with our efficient and reliable KPO solutions.

We use state-of-the-art business processes and technologies (security) to real-time operations with geographically dispersed teams. Many of these processes have been refined over the past 5 years learning from our own experience.

Bottom line, ABS can help you increase the scope of your current content solutions and develop new products that will result in deeper market penetration and higher market share for your business.

ABS provides a broad range of in-depth, high-value, content, knowledge-based solutions for organizations that require creation of original content and highly-customized research services, including:

  • Data Research and Analytics :   We empower organizations with crucial information which serves as vital pre-sales and marketing intelligence tools for any company. Based on client specifications, We collect desired information either from internet or any database maintained by the clients based on client requirement and then report in client preferred report format/dashboards
  • Content creation :  We assist companies in identifying and enriching valuable data and information required for various domain specific processes.
  • Data validation, acquisition and classification :  We assist organizations in identifying valuable data and information that can be used to enhance the efficiency of their and marketing, planning, strategy, and other functions. Data is categorized, segmented, enriched and finally integrated into the client's current databases or management information systems.
  • Market research and analytics :  We assist sales and marketing organizations across industries in effectively targeting and supporting their sales and marketing efforts through this service. Our marketing strategy specialists review the research data, perform additional validations, assist you with your marketing strategy and provide recommendations for a tactical marketing plan.
  • Reporting and Business Dashboards :  We assist organizations across industries in effectively developing various reports and business dashboards.

We can develop and implement turnkey solutions to meet your information needs. We will do everything we can to meet your productivity, turnaround and product quality requirements. We can also help you develop automation tools for content gathering, filtering, classification & summarization custom to your requirements.

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