Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

ABS is the leading mobile applications development company, providing custom mobile application development services in iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile Phone.

The world of Mobile Applications has taken the world by storm. All mobile platforms hold tremendous potential in the coming years. ABS can help you leverage this potential to enhance your brand identity and improve business performance.

We will work with you to explore and crystallize your ideas, developing a prototype of the application supported by an impressive graphics design, and then assist you in bringing your ideas to market. We will even provide 60 day free support - What we call "THE ABS Experience"

Our proven experience and continuously evolving expertise results in mobile/tablet apps that are original, efficient and custom built to meet all client specifications. With the ability to adapt to every new technical development in a timely manner, ABS's creative, passionate and handpicked development team guarantees high performance apps within a desirable turnaround time.

Our Services

Mobile BI

Our Mobile BI enables you to make decisions wherever you are and whenever they need to be made. ABS Mobile BI methodology helps deliver reports and dashboards to any mobile device that supports HTML browsing including: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile.

We are dedicated to getting better at delivering charts, graphs, drill down reports, and display rich dashboards and other data visualizations on Smart Phones. .

"Custom" Cross-Platform Mobile Development

ABS has been at the ahead of the curve in developing apps for Mobile Apps since the very beginning. We believe in Innovation and work closely with you to help you bring your concept to reality. We consistently enhance our competencies around the rapidly growing mobile technology space and take advantage of multiple web technologies, standards and best practices to develop robust mobile apps.

Our team of cross platform mobile developers can build innovative mobile applications that can help your business to reduce time-to-market and development costs, increase revenues, and provide real-time benefits for end-users. We specialize in design and development of apps that runs on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile Platforms. Our team of cross platform mobile developer is proficient and experienced in using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create fast and useful mobile web apps.

We take advantage the cross platform mobile development frameworks like Titanium, Phone Gap, Rhomobile, jQuery Mobile to build full-featured mobile apps that run on major platforms utilizing the core features in the iPhone, Android and Blackberry SDKs.

  • iPhone/iPad Application Development

    • Custom iPhone/iPad Apps Development

    • iPhone/iPad Web Apps Development

    • Porting Web Application to iPhone

    • iPhone Games Development

  • Android Application Development

    • Android Mobile Application Development

    • Android Tablet Application Development

  • Windows Mobile Application

  • BlackBerry Application Development

    • BlackBerry Mobile Application Development

    • BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Application Development


Mobile PROTOTYPING is essential

We sometimes hear from our clients "I would have made different choices", we agree, given the current landscape we believe Key Difference equals Different Design Choices.

We help you calibrate your design decision-making skills to a new medium. And that,s what this presentation is about. Our Prototyping Model is designed to help you get in-tune with your design decision-making.

Do you have a great Idea? But you are not sure the best way to make it happen. ...Let ABS handle the rest with nothing but your best interests in mind.

Our experienced consultants will take your idea from a broad concept to reality for the Android Platform, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, or iPad, guiding you on proper implementation, features and business models.

The ABS prototyping practice is all about helping you plan and refine the UX-Design/Concept and ensuring that the desired application and functions meets your needs. This not only sets the course for development but also is crucial to the success of your project. Our iterative review cycles allows for unlimited alterations thru the design phase.

Prototype Genres:

TACTICAL PROTOTYPING - best suited for design explorations where Client is working on a "focused" Mobile project, where target mobile hardware, Design space and software scope is known. (Sketching, In-screen mobile prototypes, keynote/PowerPoint prototypes)

EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPING - best suited for design explorations where design space is relatively unchartered and client is working on a "broader" Mobile project and the target mobile hardware and software scope is unknown ....Perhaps being created (Storyboarding, Concept Videos)

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