Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

ABS is passionate about ensuring the quality, performance and user experience of customer products and applications. We offer dedicated testing services to enterprises, ISV's web businesses.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) and testing methodology is built upon three cornerstones: Domain, Technology, and Process/Methodology. It provides many benefits to customers who seek to improve the quality of their production applications, reduce business risk through rigorous testing and augment the incumbent testing teams and processes.

We help minimize defects by verifying the accuracy of your application against a given set of business requirements. Our Independent Testing ensures the quality, interoperability and usability of your products, applications and web sites. We bring a fresh perspective and an unbiased opinion on issues of software problems and risks. Our clients gain time, reduce costs and increase the productivity of their employees who can then work on business related activities that add value.

We develop the custom tools you need for automated testing of functional, regression and performance tests on case to case basis. By automating independent testing, we can help reduce the time required to run the full suite of testing processes from days or weeks to a matter of hours.

Our team of has experience in multiple domains and technologies and has established best practices, frameworks and tools to methodically perform testing activities. We work closely with the developers and play a vital role in development teams that follow a Test Driven approach to developing code

Our Services:

Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing involves validating that an application conforms to its specifications and correctly performs all its required functions. It entails a series of tests which perform a feature-by-feature validation of behavior, using a wide range of normal and erroneous input data.

System Testing

Systems Integration Testing is conducted on a complete, integrated system to validate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. During system testing, one focuses solely on the outputs generated in response to inputs provided and execution conditions, rather than verifying the internal structure of the program/ system.

Security Testing

Security Testing is conducted to test the vulnerability of a system/ facility to unintended and/ or unauthorized users and processes and to test the restrictions applicable to different functions of the system/ facility. Security testing highlights the inadequacies/ deficiencies due to non-adherence of security processes.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing verifies that an application looks and functions the same across all supported hardware and software configurations. The variables could include Web browsers, Operating systems, Processor types, Network connections, etc.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is "testing the software from a user's point of view." Essentially it means testing software to prove/ ensure that it is 'user-friendly', as distinct from testing the functionality of the software.

Localization Testing

Localization is the process of customizing a software application that was originally designed for a domestic market so that it can be released in foreign markets. Localization Testing checks how well the build has been localized into a particular target language and is based on the results of globalized testing where the functional support for that particular locale has already been verified.

We have developed a network of both internal and contract testers and translators, enables us to make direct comparisons between the native and localized versions of the software, helping to ensure that the software functionality and usability carries over to the localized product.

Performance Testing

ABS's experienced team of professionals can help you Load test web applications by simulating thousands of geographically targeted users, Create load scenarios specific to your needs and perform runs with gradually increasing loads, Identify bottlenecks in application, database, infrastructure, code limitations.

Test Automation

Regression test is a consistent, repeatable validation of each new release of a product conducted to ensure that reported product defects have been corrected for each new release and that no new quality problems were introduced in the maintenance process. Automation is often used to reduce the time and resources to perform this type of testing. ABS has deep expertise in developing Test Automation scripts using a variety of technologies and leverage industry standard Open Source tools and frameworks like Selenium, Watir, Ruby and other tools like QTP, Winrunner etc and can easily automate the testing your web application using a platform and language of your choice.

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