Remote HR Services

Remote HR Services

Remote HR Services

Recent years have seen a steady increase in the demand for remote HR management services, and both the number and scope of service offerings is growing.

ABS provides an array of Remote "managed" HR services designed to reduce your costs and provide premier HR outsourcing services. We are committed to your cause. Improved performance, compliant processes and lower cost of administration makes us the ultimate solution for all aspects of HR management.

Our unique approach to search and recruitment allows you to outsource the entire process or "unbundle" the process and outsource just the parts you need help with.

Our highly trained Remote HR Executives can supervise your employees and/or manage the daily nitty-gritty of running your entire HR function. We provide HR expertise and advice when you need it. You'll partner with a dedicated HR expert to address your unique needs and help you build the foundation for a thriving organization. Our knowledge of legal requirements and industry best practices helps keep your company in compliance with the law and working effectively.

Our eTimeTrak suite of products delivers a time tracking solution for professional service providers. Each of our products has been designed to meet the time tracking needs of specific segments of the service provider market, including both time tracking and time and billing applications.

Our Services:

  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Human Performance Management
  • Training

Critical Success Factors:

  • Improved recruitment processes: finding the right employees, for the right roles, at the right time
  • Improved communication: employees understand expectations and company goals and provide constructive feedback
  • Improved performance: through proactive management of poor performance issues
  • Improved levels of absence: through improved monitoring of absence and supporting managers to take appropriate action when required
  • Increased productivity: employees will possess, or be working towards, the competencies they need to succeed
  • Motivated employees: investing time and resources in to performance management, training and development, and coaching motivates individuals which leads to greater staff retention.
  • Stable workforce: recruiting and training new employees is a time consuming exercise which you don't want to be repeating too often.

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