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Jane Doe
Our business relied on ABS for our website development and we were very satisfied with the results. The work was performed capably and priced very competitively. At the core of the ABS team is Parminder Saini. I have worked with Parminder for many years both at ABS and while both of us were employed with other organizations. He is an absolute treasure and a joy to work with. You can count on Parminder to ensure that he understands your needs, and to work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. I have complete faith and trust in Parminder and I can recommend him and his company without reservation.
Steve Wolf, co-founder and Chief Executive at Applied Decision Science, LLC
John Doe
Working with Parminder and his team at ABS has been a pleasure. His team is always diligent in working toward completing the job in a timely and satisfactory manner and within budget. ABS is a vendor that I would strongly recommend!
Supervising Developmental Editor, Business and Computers, Large eLearning Company
Jane Doe
ABS was the development partner for Onewaylimo.com's most recent platform upgrade. While they obviously have the technical skills and experience required to deliver high performing web-based applications, what impressed me most about the ABS team is their flexibility. In today's customer-driven business environments, requirements changes are a way of life, and if they can be accommodated, they more often than not result in a better overall end product. The ABS team addressed our constant requirements changes with little impact on schedule and budget, and our customers have informed us they are very happy with the result, which of course, was our goal! Thanks again, Parminder and Team, great job!
Gary Hare, Founder & CEO of Onewaylimo.com
John Doe
We liked working with ABS because of the transparent nature of the company. ABS was very flexible in meeting our custom workflow need and was quick to act on our feedback. Beyond meeting our development needs they truly partnered with us to advise on our future scaling plans and provided candid feedback on foreseeable issues.
Pratap Shergill, Founder, TurboBotz
John Doe
ABS has our best interest in mind; not only did they execute the project at a competitive rate and schedule they also guided us towards a better solution than originally envisioned. ABS has won me over by preforming like a partner, for our mutual success, and not like a vendor under contract.
Technology Project Manager, Media Technology, Large eLearning Company
John Doe
I've worked with Parminder and ABS for 1 1/2 years now, developing web based server stuff and iPad applications and their linkage. We've been very pleased with the work, the time lines and the quality of the products created.
Richard Rossiter, Founder, Rossiter

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