Web 4.0 Solutions

Web 4.0 Solutions

Web 4.0 Solutions

ABS helps you grow your business online with creative web application design & development, internet marketing and user interface design services. Whether you need a simple corporate web site or dynamic web application development, we have the skills and experience to make your vision a reality.

With the world changing rapidly and the old paradigms of the internet and the world-wide web no longer apply. ABS Web 2.0 solutions are about revolutionary new ways of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online. It's also about ease of use. We combine cutting edge technologies to create a virtual world that is flexible, fast and intuitive.

Using the most popular languages and systems available today, we can handle all jobs big and small - from creating completely new sites to upgrading or adding features and options to existing sites and web applications.

At ABS, we work with our customers closely to understand the objectives behind the website/web applications, and then ensure that those objectives are met. Our graphic designers collaborate very closely with our experienced team of web developers to create web content and an enjoyable visual experience.

Our Services
  • Web Portal Design and ecommerce, CMS Development
  • SharePoint Portal Development
  • Internet Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Portal Design and ecommerce, CMS Development

    ABS provides robust Content Management System (CMS), Online Ecommerce Stores and Portals design and development services. We encourage our clients to consider Content Management Systems, online stores, e-commerce applications and other customer-facing business solutions, to promote and sell products and services, share business-to-business and consumer information, as well as to provide a productive, collaborative environment for its employees, contractors and managers.

    We have years of experience in creating requirements-driven, secure, scalable and flexible user-centric web applications.

    With the internet information overload in today's world, 30 seconds is all the time you have to create an impression on your customer and influence his decision to stay or leave your website. ABS helps you ensure an engaging first impression, and then deliver your messages to the customer via an effective, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing website.

    We have delivered websites for individuals and businesses, providing an immediate positive and tangible result in the incoming hits and sales.

    SharePoint Portal Development

    ABS understands the key considerations in planning and implementing SharePoint portal solutions. We consult with clients to optimize the design, develop the structure to support future adjustments and changing business needs and provide comprehensive knowledge management and documentation. Our SharePoint solutions are scalable, reliable, and easy to manage.

    We also deliver enterprise-class document management solutions. Online collaboration tools enable your teams to create team or project-based Web sites, host online discussions and surveys and create online workspaces where several parties can collaborate across departments or teams. You are able to control documents through detailed extensible policy and workflow management and can centrally store, manage, and access documents across the enterprise, online. This solution also enables secure digital document and records retention to meet compliance regulations.

    Our services include:

    • Information Architecture - identify key information and determine how it will be structured and accessed; design a flexible architecture to accommodate data growth
    • Define Workflow Processes - consult with clients to define and refine the workflow process to ensure an effective portal design that efficiently automates complex business processes
    • Branding - ensure consistent corporate branding and structure across all portal sites and departments
    • Application Integration and Connectivity - integrate existing applications into SharePoint and provide connectivity to back-end systems
    • Collaborative Application Development - develop customized applications to address your individualized collaboration and business process requirements
    • Infrastructure Planning and Design - determine the infrastructure requirements for your project with a focus on designing an efficient reliable architecture
    • Advanced Security - design secure solutions that adequately protect sensitive business information and guard internal systems from compromises

    Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is the planned strategic use of internet to promote products and services and/or to establish and manage online identity of a brand or and an individual. Internet could be a critical success factor for your businesses, with powerful new tools for engaging with customers.

    ABS helps you drive business through Internet marketing, creating successful online customer relationships, giving you a powerful marketing edge. We work with you to understand your business, understand your market and help develop a business Internet Action Plan to achieve your online objectives through measurable actions and measurable results.

    Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

    Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search results. SEO, as the name may imply, is the optimization of a website with features that aid in its visibility to search engines, thereby lifting its position among the search results.

    We help you optimize your websites where they are indexed quickly and receive higher search engine rankings. In turn, your websites receive more targeted traffic.

    Our Web Optimization Process:

    • Analysis
      • Business Review & Competition Analysis
      • Reporting Rankings
      • Keyword Identification & Meta Tag Generation
      • Website structure review
    • Setup SEO
      • On-Page Optimization
      • Manual Submission
      • Link Building
      • Sitemap
    • SEO Maintenance
      • Analysis and Tweaking
      • Campaign Tracking
      • Reporting

    We help make your Website More Visible and strive for continuous improvement

    Social Media Marketing

    ABS has been helping clients from all over the world rank higher on multiple search engines and attracts more web traffic and leads/sales through Social Media Marketing.

    Social media marketing is all about networking and networking in a way that promotes trust. Any website which allows user to share their content, opinions, views and encourages interaction and community building can be classified as a social media.

    At ABS we use social media to up the "know, like, and trust" factor with your business. Build relationships, make friends with customers and prospects, and let people know what's going on with your business. Send out content that lets prospects get to know your philosophy and offerings without having to take up your time with one-on-one conversations.

    We believe that the reason why Social media networking is a huge success is because of its Friend-Of-A-Friend (FOAF) that enables users to interact with network users to whom they are not otherwise directly connected. You can establish different rules of engagement for different types of connections in your network; the closer the connection to you in terms of degrees of separation, the more trusted you are. This is the key difference between Social networking and traditional SEO strategies.

    ABS helps you effectively apply public social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster as valuable sales, marketing and support tools.

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